Tanzanian Sunstone

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Tanzanian Sunstone

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Size: 18.7 x 14.9 mm
Weight: 7.25 ct

Tanzanian sunstone was first found on tribal lands near Arusha in 2000 and also known as illusion sunstone, tanzasun and Masai sunstone.  
Geometric hematite plates fill the inside of this gem and displaying a wide colour spetrum highlighting this stones unusual internal caracteristics.  Transparent and translucent pieces are available and the best specimens are multi colored showing  distinct and lively kaleidoscopic phenonom called aventurescence, reflecting a multitude of vibrant  neon colours  which boast hematite and/or copper inclusions, forming a unique variety of feldspar displaying redish orange hues giving this stone its warm body of colour.
Sunstones are inspirational chrystals that promote independence, originality and encourages  good luck and prosperity.

Product Codesun004

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