4mm Yellow Serpentine

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4mm Yellow Serpentine

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Color: Yellow
Shape: Round
Approximate Stone Size: 4mm
Country of Origin: Brazil
Clarity: Opeque
Hardness: 4
Treatment: None

Most serpentines are opaque to translucent, light, soft (hardness 2.5–4), infusible and susceptible to acids. All are microcrystalline and massive in habit, never being found as single crystals. Lustre may be vitreous, greasy or silky. Colours range from white to grey, yellow to green, and brown to black, and are often splotchy or veined. Many are intergrown with other minerals, such as calcite and dolomite. Occurrence is worldwide; New Caledonia, Canada (Quebec), US (northern California, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland and southern Pennsylvania), Afghanistan, Britain (the Lizard peninsula in Cornwall), Ireland, Greece(Thessaly), China, Russia (Ural Mountains), France, Korea, Austria (Styria and Carinthia), India (Assam, and Manipur), Myanmar (Burma), New Zealand, Norway and Italy are notable localities.

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