Tourmaline Facet

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Tourmaline Facet

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Product Information

Size: 5.90mm x 8.10mm
Weight: 1.20ct
Hardness: 7 - 7.5

Tourmaline comes in a wide veriety of spectacular colours. Different types of tourmaline have specific names based on colour and location its found in.
- Rubellite is the name given for various shades of red tourmaline.
- Indicolite is the name given for various shades of blue tourmaline.
- Paraíba is another name for different shades of blue tourmaline but this is more intense and found in the state of Paraíba, Brazil.
- Chrome tourmaline is an intense shade of green tourmaline.
- Bi-colour or Tri-colour tourmaline has two or three different colours in usually green and pink. 
- watermelon tourmaline has two colours but this usually has pink in the middle and a green ring around the outside. 

Tourmaline's colour is the result different metals causing different colours to come through such as traces of iron and titanium generally causing a green or blue colour. Manganese would give reds, pinks and possibly yellows.

Product CodeTOULINZK35

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